Criminal Defense Investigations

When someone is charged with a crime, The State of Florida uses investigators to work on every possible angle to bolster their case. They use the investigation services of law enforcement agencies, forensic examiners, lab technicians, etc and of course the State Attorney. If the State has all these investigators and a team assisting them in proving their case Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, you should have your own investigator to find the facts and uncover any unscrupulous acts such as rush to justice, incompetent police work, politically expedient prosecutions, etc., and uncover reasonable doubt.

At Distinctive Investigations, we connect the dots. We do not deal with theories first and then pursue facts to support the theory. We are fact finders. We conduct fact driven investigations. We gather facts, organize facts, document facts and then develop a theory that is supported and corroborated by those facts.

Our Criminal Defense Investigators are trained in the Component Method, the gold standard method for Criminal Defense Investigations. The steps of the component method are:

  • Forensic Review and Analysis of the Discovery File
  • Defendant Interview
  • Crime Scene Examination and Inspection
  • Alleged Victim & Witness Background Investigation
  • Witness Interview
  • Investigative Report and Testifying

As a Criminal Defense Attorney you have an obligation to protect and defend your client’s 6th amendment rights. Recent studies indicate that a small percentage of Criminal Defense Attorneys use Criminal Defense Investigators, even though the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct state that Professional Investigators should be used on almost every case. Failure to conduct an effective investigation can be cited as justification for a charge of ineffective council during post conviction relief. Add us to your team to ensure that you are fulfilling your obligation to protect your client’s constitutional rights.

We are your intelligence gatherers to assist you with developing a strategy as you prepare to go to war in the courtroom. We understand work product doctrine, the designation between “fact” and “opinion” work product and the privilege protections afforded to each against requests for disclosure.

Our service area covers Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, Milton, Crestview, Niceville, Fort Walton Beach, and Destin. Contact us for information on how we can assist in your defense. Contact us for information on how we can assist in your defense.