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At Distinctive Investigations, our philosophy is that we are impartial and objective advocates of the truth. We help you defend and afford your client’s right to due process. Our Investigators are trained in the Component Method which is recognized as the Gold Standard in Criminal Defense Investigations.

When investigating a legal matter in our adversarial judicial system, it is crucial that the investigator uncover information, and document the findings accurately. Our goal in these investigations is to gather facts in an impartial and objective fashion. Our investigators are uniquely qualified to provide the evidence needed to build a strong fact-based defense. This evidence assists in defending individuals improperly charged of a crime as a result of apathy, laziness, incompetence or corruption on the part of law enforcement and prosecutors.

We also uncover potentially compromising data so that the attorney will be ready to refute it if needed and will avoid being caught unprepared during the trial. Whatever the case, our Investigators present the unbiased facts so attorneys can choose the most appropriate defense for their clients.

In our search for the truth our Investigators use interviews, database records searches, open source intelligence gathering, and surveillance to name a few. We perform forensic examination of the discovery file to discover errors, omissions, inconsistencies, and look for leads that were not properly vetted by law enforcement.

The Investigators at Distinctive Investigations have the track record, qualifications and experience to be the lead investigators on your case. Our investigators can help you facilitate a complete, professional investigation and achieve results. Whether you’re looking to fulfill your client’s settlement goals or provide a defense for a wrongly accused client, our investigators will help you connect the dots and prepare to convince a jury of the validity and strength of your case.

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