Insurance / SUI Investigations

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Insurance / SUI Investigations

Sub Rosa Investigations

Sub Rosa Investigations are used in suspected workers’ compensation and insurance fraud cases. For our purposes, fraud is defined as knowingly telling a lie for the purpose of obtaining benefits that are not due. Our Investigators have extensive experience in documenting activities of claimants. We provide concrete evidence so you can make the appropriate decision about whether to continue providing compensation, discontinue compensation or bring legal charges against those guilty of malingering.


AOE-COE (Arising of Employment in the Course of Employment) investigations consist of interviewing and obtaining written or recorded statements from the unrepresented claimant, witnesses, co-workers and supervisors.

Depending on the client’s preference, statements can be obtained recorded or written. Written statements can then be notarized by our investigator if the client feels that it may be needed as evidence in court, or if there’s a chance that the person interviewed may not be available for court.

Recorded statements are made with the permission and acknowledgment of the interviewee. A summary of the recorded statement is included with the report. The statement may be transcribed or if preferred, we can post the audio on our website so the client and the transcriptionist may listen to it. Recorded statements may also be emailed in the desired format to the client or designee.)

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