Bad Weather Surveillance

It’s a dreary, rainy Saturday morning. You find a perfect spot to set up, you have your hot coffee, your lunch and the first thing you think is, my Claimant is never going to leave the house on a day like this. Dismiss that thought as soon as it enters your mind. Some of my best Claimant video has been taken on days just like these.

Bad Weather Surveillance Can Return Desired Evidence

Sure, some of us like to stay in on rainy days; however, some of us get cabin fever and want to get out of the house. Rainy days are perfect for getting that video of someone running or jogging out of Wal-Mart to get back to their vehicle with that ankle or knee injury or make a quick dash for the movie theater, a swift walk across the parking lot to enter into the restaurant to avoid those rain drops. They may walk the dog and bend at the waist with that “bad back” to pick up after the dog and when I lived up north my all- time favorite was rolling that video while someone shoveled snow. I love it!! Now chances are, if it’s a major storm or hurricane, you may not get that video. I’m just saying there have been perfect Spring and Summer days where I have sat and drew a zero. Days where you think you will be rolling video all day and nothing. So don’t let the rain get you down or discouraged.

Stay alert and keep rolling that tape.

Written by D. Kelner of Distinctive Investigations